The genesis of Rita Tuci's work in the realm of antique stovery may be traced to her formative years at the Istituto Statale d'Arte in Florence, Italy, where in the 1970's she studied a variety of disciplines (including, but not limited to, graphic arts and the art of the plaster cast), and to the time spent perusing said city's fabled flee markets and venerable museums--an experience that would leave an indelible impression upon Rita, and that in time, would infuse her work with an ever-growing passion for all things antique, and in particular, all things chimney and/or stove-related.

Through her unique talent and inexhaustible research (that brings her to visit European countries far away from her native Italy), countless antique stoves, once broken and fragmented, and missing essential components, have been brought back to life, and restored to their original aesthetic splendor. Whether in need of a marble base, a stone pediment, a missing ceramic tile, or a bronze ornament, Rita Tuci possesses the skill and determination to restore virtually any antique stove or chimney mantle--be it sumptuous of modest--and restore it to its original appearance and functionality--a process that requires great passion and knowledge, and one made possible by her ability to resourcefully combine disparate elements into one beautiful, historically accurate and cohesive whole.